House singer Rose has finally released her debut album, Rose on a Ranch, and said she can’t wait for people to hear it.

Rose Nkau, who hails from Pella in the North West, said her album will get people through life.

The album was released two weeks ago.

She told SunBuzz the album is about her upbringing and growing up on a farm, but more than that, people will relate to it.

“My music is for those who want to escape their woes, relax, enjoy life and overcome adversity,” she said.

“It’s also for people who want to be true to themselves, find their purpose, love, happiness and bravery. People will really enjoy it.”

Rose is signed under Low Key Records, DJ Prince Kaybee’s label.


She has a song titled The Weekend with the DJ, which was released last year.

“The response from The Weekend was amazing. People loved it and it gave me a name.

“I was inspired to start making my own music and I released my debut single, Take It All, then later dropped Morena last year.

“Although I have been singing almost all my life, nothing motivated me like the love I got from The Weekend,” said Rose.

The rising singer said she was discovered by the Gugulethu producer in 2017.

“I dropped out of tertiary in 2013 after passing my first-year studies of electrical engineering because I didn’t love the course. I went back home and started meeting DJs, producers and other musicians,” she said.

“I started making music with them and I also recorded a song titled Redemption with Soulmajestik in 2017. Prince Kaybee heard my vocals on that song and he signed me. It’s been a great journey.”