MANDLA “Mampintsha” Maphumulo is a loan shark and under debt review.

He announced the news on his Facebook page.

In a nine-minute video clip, he lashes out at government, saying he never received any money from it. He encourages other artists to join debt review.

“This message goes out to everyone. I’m appealing to artists to go for debt review.

“We’re the ones who always campaign for government, but it’s become clear government doesn’t care about us.

“With all due respect, government has done nothing for us. As an artist I’ve never received any money from it – they’re not my friends.

“In fact, I think I’ve lost respect for government. Let’s stop fooling each other. All the strategies have failed.

“Well, I have some good news. I’d like to introduce you to a company that helps with debt review. It’s the same company that assists me with my own debt.

“As we speak I’m under debt review and want everyone to be helped. I’m not going to keep the information from you.”

According to Mampintsha, he joined because he has huge assets.

“We drive big cars and have family responsibilities. On top of that we’ve been hit hard by Covid-19, but we still have to pay monthly instalments. We’ve got to take children to school.

“The beauty of this company is that it negotiates with your creditors so that your monthly instalments are reduced.

“All you have to do is send an SMS. The company will call you back and do an assessment. For me this is the wisest thing after my new album.”

He said government won’t help anyone because it’s also in debt.

“As loans harks we’re also tired of borrowing people money. Events and clubs are still restricted. Once you’re helped, come back and tell us. Don’t be shy.”

But his message wasn’t well received by fans, who felt he was misleading them.

“Phumlani Ngubane wrote: “It’s a scam. Don’t listen to him. You get yourself into more debt and will never get out. Solution is to call the creditors and make arrangements if you’re unable to pay.”

Aubrey Mlindi Manzini wrote: “Before you post or write something down to avoid things that might make you lose integrity, please think.

“Be in your senses because you’re talking to your supporters.”

Nhlanhla Sfiso wrote: “Now you’re misleading us.”

Sfiso Dlamini Sibal’khulu wrote: “Those who don’t know will join, but for me it’s a big no. Debt review makes people drown in debt. Once you’re in you’ll never get out.”

Phila Mnqayi wrote: “Are you a loan shark now? Come one, bra. Get real.”