Abudding house music producer is taking his ancestral sound to the next level.

Andile Kato, popularly known as Bun Xapa, has released his new EP titled Amadlozi Jin.

The 22-year-old from Botshabelo, Free State, told SunBuzz he wanted to create a project that’s extraordinary and different from the sound he’s used to producing.

“I had to dig deep into my being to find that unique sound, and I was inspired by the indigenous elements of our African traditional sound,” he said.

The EP is filled with dance floor bangers, with tracks such as Ukulwa Kwesilo, Zulu Element and Sizwe Hand Me the Sword.

Bun Xapa said the project received enormous support before its release.

“The EP got attention in various places in Europe as it managed to get a total of 64 charts from different artists. My last release only got a total of 14 charts: a huge milestone,” he said.

The project was released through Seres Producoes, a record label in Lisbon in Portugal owned by Afro house pioneer DJ Satelite.

“My journey is now taking a great turn as I have started to work with Seres Producoes.

“The label has helped me mature my sound and acquire better techniques, thus releasing my four-track debut EP under the label.”

He told SunBuzz his music is unique and culturally rooted.

“Music to me is a way of expressing my feelings and my thoughts,” he said.

“My sound is strictly Afro house, which evolved from the old to the new age, modern and unique sound.

“It’s an interpretation of drums which is my African pride.”

The self-taught producer said his sound was also shaped by Afro house pioneers such as Culoe De Song and Da Capo.

“They presented an authentic African sound to the masses and managed to reach the whole world with their style, which is the original African house style,” he said.

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on his musical journey.

“But musically it has helped me to nourish my craft and I can say my craft has matured.

“On a brighter note, I’m planning on getting more bookings to showcase the sound to the people,” he said.

Bun Xapa said right now he’s based in Portugal, where he’s studying for a civil engineering degree at the University of Porto.