Big Zulu’s has gone international.

The hip-hop artist has signed a contract with an international brand, Spitz Shoes. The contract was signed on Friday afternoon.

“Zinkabi neZinkabikazi,  I’m happy to announce that I just signed a deal with Spitz Shoes as a new Carvela ambassador. Love My Carvelas,” he announced on his Facebook page.

Big Zulu said this is big step for him.

He told Daily Sun: “I was actually approached by Spitz. They asked me to become their ambassador and I agreed. The final decision was taken in Italy where the shoes are actually made.

"I believe I was meant to work with Spitz because when the South African team proposed this idea, their head office, which is based in Italy, recommended my name. I learnt that they have been following me for quite sometime.

"Meanwhile, I’ve been toying with the idea of working with them but I was not actively acting on it.

"What this means is that from now on, I will not be wearing any other brand except Carvela, be it sandals, boots or takkies.

"In any case, I  own more than 20 pairs of Carvela shoes. I am obsessed with this brand and this partnership has just intensified my obsession.

"For me this is a matter of making a fashion statement. It is how I represent amaBhinca (traditionalists), it's about cleanliness and self-love as Ibhinca.

"I am therefore excited and humbled by this endorsement.”

Big Zulu is also a brand ambassador for Brentwood.

His Facebook fans showered him with congratulatory messages: “You will make a good ambassador nkabiyam,you the best, you supported them too much,” wrote Sammy Mhlanga.

“You are one of the few artists who does this sponsorship thing correctly,” Sphamandla Sizwe Ntshangase wrote. 

“Don’t be surprised, it's all because of your good work. Just thank God for this opportunity,” Christopher Phephelani wrote.