The coronavirus pandemic has understandably left a lot of people concerned and confused. Among various other issues for discussion, is intimacy and the coronavirus.

Many people are unsure if they need to physical distance from their live-in partners and if there are any additional precautions to be taken into consideration.

In a recent W24 article, Dr Elna Rudolph, Clinical Head at My Sexual Health, confirmed that Covid-19 is not a sexually transmitted disease in terms of contracting the virus via sexual fluids. However, she says you should consider that when you have sex, you are in proximity to someone's mouth, which may lead to Covid-19 infection if one of you is already infected.

The doctor advised couples to assess their level of risk when it comes to having sex with their partners.

"If your partner works daily with infected individuals, or is at high risk of contracting Covid-19, you and your partner have to decide if it's worth it to have sex," said Dr Rudolph.

Casual sex is high-risk and should be avoided at this time. Read this previous W24 article for more information on why sneaking out to go hook-up during lockdown is a bad idea at this very volatile time.

After reading the doctors' advice, many of our readers also wanted to know if the lockdown regulations allow the sale of condoms.

Some raised concerns after reportedly being turned away from purchasing condoms by certain stores.

The answer is: Absolutely, yes. You can still buy condoms during the lockdown.

Clicks also had to answer would-be-shoppers on this concern after social media users pointed out that they were not allowed to buy condoms from stores.

Clicks management quickly rectified the error, confirming that condoms, among other personal hygiene products, are indeed essential items and are available for purchase at stores.

Rachel Wrigglesworth, Clicks Chief Commercial Officer, confirmed this to W24, saying, "This includes all skincare, haircare, hair removal (male and female), deodorants and sanitary products, and as essential products, they are for sale and available in our stores. The type of products this would include are facial washes, facial cleansers, hairbrushes, shampoos, hair conditioners, razors, and condoms."

Clicks has since sent out a communication to stores to ensure they adhere to these classifications and are also educating staff in this regard.