AS polygamy is popular in Mzansi, women feel they should also be allowed to have more husbands.

Some said they already had extra boyfriends, so all they wanted was a normal marriage with multiple husbands for different duties.

“If you fall pregnant, how will you even know who the father is because you’ll be poking different men."

This after an article recently made the rounds on social media about a woman who married three husbands in Uganda.

Ann Aguti (36) from the Ngora District in Uganda married Richard Alich, John Oluka and Michael Enyaku at the same time.She said all the men lived with her.

The practice where a woman has more than one husband is called polyandry.


Daily Sun asked SunReaders if they agreed with this practice.

- Noluthando Ngwenya (26) said she had never cheated, but if polyandry was normal in Mzansi, she’d marry six men.

“I don’t cheat because I’m just terrible when it comes to lying and hiding. So if we’re all married, I wouldn’t have to lie to anyone.”

- Sising Moopeloa (29) said he’d be okay with it if he got what he needed.

“If she provides me with a car and a housing allowance, I’ll be a happy man.”

- Clement Mente (41) said he would never allow it and if a woman was not satisfied, then she must leave.

“Haikhona, I can’t stop imagining Josias and William being done then she’ll be like ‘next’,” said Clement.


Cultural expert, Mtimande Ngwenya, said polyandry was demonic and whoever considered it needed help.

“If you fall pregnant, how will you even know who the father is because you’ll be poking different men. You’re in a marriage to build your husband and your family, not the other way round. Maybe whites can do it but definitely not Africans,” said Mtimande.

Sex and relationship expert, Dr Eve, said she wouldn’t recommend wives to have multiple husbands.

“It’s unhealthy considering sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies.

“There could be psychological issues that may lead the wife to be unhappy. For example, it becomes a problem if you’ve just had sex with one husband and another one wants his time too,” she said.