A STUDY encourages women to go into polygamous marriages for better health and wealth.

The study by researcher David Lawson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine says first wives, who mostly live with their husbands, have better nutrition and less stunting among the kids.

“The children of second wives, who usually live in separate homes, were as healthy as those in monogamous families.”

Women in polygamous marriages didn’t have stress or depression as their husbands were open.

Daily Sun asked SunReaders if they agreed with the study.

  • Jeffrey Kone said he was willing to allow his wife to get another husband.

“She’s everything I ever prayed for, but this woman is a sex addict. I can’t even cheat in peace.”

  • Marlin Littler was not sure whether polygamous marriage was a good idea but was up for it.

“Since I’ll be healthy and wealthy, I don’t see why not.”

  • Flo Monama, a second wife, said: “Imagine worrying about where a partner is. If he’s not home, I know he’s at MaZulu. No worries.”