Cheating is a very sensitive topic however, that does not mean the topic should be avoided.

When talking about cheating, questions such as why did they cheat or what pushed them to cheat often come up.

The answers to such questions are a bit difficult to discern but expects have tried to find different reasons to why cheating happens.


Here are a few reasons to why women cheat

-"They enjoy the attention they get from other men.

Women enjoy being praised about their beauty, body and so forth.

Having someone besides your partner  validate all these aspects is exciting.

-Lack of attention from their partner.

Some women confess to cheating because their partner becomes cold and unengaging in the relationship therefore they look for it from someone else.

-Better sexual pleasure

"Sometimes intimacy with your partner just becomes a bore", this is one reason given by women.

-Financial Dependence.

A number of women have confessed to cheating because they were benefiting financially from cheating. 

-Feeling unappreciated.

Have you ever heard of the term "women belong in the kitchen"? That is the reason why some women cheat. Some women feel like they are housekeepers or nannies that is why they seek validation outside their relationship.

Both men and women are guilty of straying from their marriage or relationships but the reasons behind their infidelities tend to differ. It is believed  men are more likely to be motivated by physical urges to cheat,while women are more often driven to cheat for emotional reasons.