“In fact, they're a part of the body that should be celebrated.”

These are the words of Florence Schechter who developed the concept for the Punani Museum after discovering a museum dedicated to 4-5s in Iceland.

A museum dedicated to vaginas and vulvas recently opened its doors in London's Camden market, aiming to destigmatise this part of the female body and deconstruct myths that surround it.


The first museum in the world dedicated solely to the punani opened in London on 16 November.


The Museum will educate visitors about vulvas and vaginas while challenging the prevailing stigma surrounding them.

‘As this is the world's first bricks-and-mortar museum dedicated to vaginas, vulvas and the gynaecological anatomy, we didn't quite know what to expect in terms of interest, and were delighted with the £50,000 we raised," Williams said then.

The exhibition will challenge "pervasive myths" about the vagina and vulva, Williams said, "such as that vaginas and vulva need to be cleaned through the use of bespoke feminine cleaning products; however, the vagina is completely self-cleaning," said Williams.

Comedy and theatre events, craft workshops and educational talks will take place at the museum, she said, which will help to raise funds for a permanent location. The museum's mission statement asserts that it will also "act as a forum for feminism, women's rights, the LGBT+ community and the intersex community," "challenge heteronormative and cisnormative behaviour" and "promote intersectional, feminist and trans-inclusive values."