LADIES are encouraging men to stop being bodybuilders. 

They said the bigger the body, the smaller the 4-5! 

Health Guidance researcher William Campbell said when one exercises, the 4-5 goes back into the body and stays there until you’re no longer a gym freak. 

“It’s like a turtle’s head when it goes into its shell,” he said.

He said this was mostly due to using steroids. 

SunReaders were asked what they thought about the research and their views were divided. 

- Anes Dyasopi said he stopped going to the gym as it heavily affected his sex life. 

“You have to understand that in order to gain something you must lose one thing, which in this case is the size of your 4-5,” said Anes. 

- Angela Makhathini said she agreed with the study. She said she used to love bodybuilders until she experienced a few pokes from four of them. 

“I agree. Gym shrinks their 4-5s and obviously shrinks their minds too because they still continue with their gym.” 

- Emily Zulu said she’s been dating bodybuilders all her life.

“They have small 4-5s. I don’t want my punani to be exposed to big 4-5s, so I just stick to my big little 2-3s,” she said.