SEXTING is sending someone sexy images to turn them on or seduce them, but frexting means something different.

It still involves sexy images – usually of yourself - but they are ones sent to close friends, not lovers.

They are a way of sharing the sensual, erotic side of yourself in a playful way with your besties.

If your best friend frexts you, don’t panic! You’re not obliged to say how sexy they are or that you desire them.

Nor do you have to respond with a frext of your own.

At the very least, you should affirm them by sending positive emojis as a response.

One writer who enjoys frexting writes on “I've sent my flatmate Snapchats of myself prancing around in nothing but a thong and high heels, doing my best Nicki Minaj impression, and she's sent me ones of herself sunbathing.

“It goes way beyond her — a lot of my friends have seen photos of me naked, or damn close to it.”

Of course, it could make for awkward moments, especially if your friend just thinks you’re being wildly inappropriate and weird.

But it can also be liberating, say dedicated frexters. For men, sending each other dic picks or images of naked torsos can be a way of male bonding.

For close girlfriends, it can also be a way to share an intimate and yet usually hidden side of yourself – you as a sexual human being.