Would you ever consider recycling one of your Ex’s?

Khaya FM's Thabo “Tbose” Mokwele caused traffic on twitter on Wednesday morning with RecycleMyEx.

RecycleMyEx is back and Tbose asked listeners which Ex would they like to recycle…Who from their past would they like to make their festive special.

Tbose also shared his ‘3 T SPOONS’ on signs you are about to be recycled by your ex.

He said “if your ex asks about you. If your ex goes out their way find out how you are doing then I’ve got news for you”.

“Your ex acts familiar with you and runs into you a lot.”

He added that sometimes they are laughing at your jokes - even lame ones.

The topic is currently trending number1 on Twitter using #RecyclingTlofTlof.

Here's what some say on social media.