THERE's new hot sex position for those who prefer alternatives. 

This pose is a hot alternative for those addicted to the impact of a from-behind ride.

For those flexible enough to flex a more complicated sex move, the Wanton Wheelbarrow is just the kind of brag-worthy challenge to try out.

Cosmopolitan explains that a slightly more approachable version of the classic Wheelbarrow the Wanton Wheelbarrow has you keeping one leg planted on the ground for support.

To start, you either stand or, if you need a little support, face a chair or the edge of a bed.

Bend over until your head and arms are resting on the bed surface.

Your partner stands behind you and grabs one of your ankles, lifting your leg up near their hip and entering you from behind.

Your other leg remains on the ground, but just make sure to keep your knee slightly bent as you shift your weight.

The Wanton wheelbarrow

Again, because this one requires a degree of balance and stretching ability, you’ll first want to be really careful that nothing hurts or feels off when you do it.

If you feel like you’re bending down too much, you can always pile on a few pillows for added support.

Once you’re in it, you can play around with how high or low you lift your leg until you hit ~the~ spot.

The Wanton Wheelbarrow is a great alternative for those obsessed with variations on doggy-style. Because your legs are pointed in opposite directions—one in the air and one on the ground—it’s perfect for internal stimulation and hitting angles you wouldn’t normally hit.

As an added asset, it provides an incredible view of yours to your partner!If it gets to be too much, you can lower both your legs (and of course, express any pain or discomfort to your partner ASAP!).

You can also just switch to regular doggy or a more lying-down version of that.