Hi Pastor DanielI AM broken and disappointed.

Last Sunday my partner and kids went to church, where she was given a prophecy. She told me some of it but my mum and sister told me all that was said.

We’ve been together for almost eight years and she’s the person I want to marry.

How do I move on from her not telling me what concerns us both? She left after we argued.

  • Lesedi

Dear Lesedi. I have many questions that perhaps need us to meet for clarity.

Firstly, prophecy is not granted for destruction.

Secondly, I don’t understand why a personal prophecy was given publicly.

Thirdly, relying on hearsay for your arguments against your partner is wrong.

She left because you choosing to believe others over her was painful.

Fourthly, you have been with her for eight years and aren’t yet married? You seem to have a commitment challenge.

One needs to hear all sides for proper counselling.

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