HE was behaving strangely, but she just thought he was stressed at work.

But then one day her 12-year-old son said to her: “Dad asked me how I’d feel if he had a new girlfriend.”

This is the innocent comment that shattered an 18 year marriage, the Sun reports.

Naomi Cacacie (39) lived with hubby Darran Rosic (41) in west London.

Naomi says: “Darran was my childhood sweetheart, I was in love with him. I thought we’d be together forever.”

Their lives ticked over comfortably for years, until January 2013 when Darran got a new job as a security manager for an airport cargo company.

Suddenly, things became difficult.

She says: “We were constantly arguing. I put it down to him being stressed at work and tried not to irritate him.”

Naomi fell pregnant, giving birth to their daughter in April 2014.

She had hopes that the birth of her daughter would bring her hubby closer again, but instead he spent more and more time at work or socialising with his colleagues.

Naomi started to fear the worst when Darran said he couldn’t come on a family holiday in 2016 because of work commitments.

When she got home, her suspicions increased.

She says: “I found empty beer bottles and a bottle of white wine in the recycling bin.

“I questioned him, and he said he’d had some drinks the night before.

“But Darran didn’t drink wine. That’s when I began to suspect him of cheating.”

Then finally her son told her what his dad had said.

“To find out from our son that he was cheating was heartbreaking. I’m just glad he’s out of my life for good now,” said Naomi.

Naomi has moved on with her life, and Darran has moved in with the 24-year-old nyatsi.

Darran said: "I went through a relationship with that woman for 18 years. She was an absolute nightmare.”