SOCIAL Media is divided over fake moaning. 

Some say as long as they get the pleasure, it doesn’t matter if a person moans or not. 

Some find moaning very important to the extent that if you don’t moan, their 4-5s fall. 

Other ladies said they need to fake moan to make sure that they don’t miss their girlfriend allowances. 

Lydia Mathose from Facebook said she fake moans because she doesn’t want to hurt the guy but after the bad sex, she will break up with him.

“Sometimes it’s unnecessary to hurt a person over such situations. Someone else will let him know, I don’t have the guts, “she posted. 

“These men have pride. If you break their ego by showing them that you’re not feeling them, my sister I have news for you, you’ll be the terrible girlfriend,” Nunz Mthembu tweeted. 

Kcey said she never fakes moan, she tells it like it is. 

“Instead of fake moaning, I give direction, talk sexy, make them moan. Gosh people be lying there expecting someone to know all about your buttons,” she said. 

On Facebook, Vusi Vee said he hates fake moaning, he had a terrible experience. 

“The 4-5 was not even inside yet and she had already started fake moaning. Wow, I was defeated. My 4-5 died immediately, I hope lightning strikes on fake moaners,” he posted. 

Rhulani Kubayi said he discovered that his partner was fake moaning and he felt like she was lying to him. 

“I felt disappointed, ladies please stop doing this. If I lack something please let me know,” Rhulani tweeted.

Giggles CM said it doesn’t matter whether a person fake moans or not they can keep quiet for all he cares. 

“So long as I have the consent from her, I’m good. So long as I reach my goal, “he tweeted. 

Even though fake moaning can often be nothing more than a little white lie, sex acts can make people feel extra vulnerable. 

This is according to a sex and relationship expert, Dr Eve. 

“Being naked and being intimate with someone is a big emotional risk for some people, so even little white lies can feel like big betrayals,” she said. 

Dr Eve said the decision of telling your partner about the sex lies with you. She further stated that only you know the dynamics of your relationship best and how your partner might take this information. 

“As with all conversations about sex, it’s worth keeping in mind some people are really shy when it comes to talking about their sexual pleasure,” she said. 

“If you think a person will feel awkward or disappointed with themselves when talking about fake moans, sometimes it helps to frame the conversation around what that you would like,” she added.