THE DRESS had been bought, the venue booked, guests invited – but fate had other ideas about their marriage.

The groom was tragically shot and killed, allegedly by the man who was supposed to buy his Xbox One.

According to the Sun, Mohammad Sharifi (24) had arranged to meet a man on 19 February he met on Facebook Marketplace, called D'Marcus White, to sell him his Xbox. The venue was a parking lot outside some flats in a town in Tennessee, America.

What should have been a straightforward transaction became a shattering tragedy when White allegedly took out a firearm and ended Mohammad’s life.

It was just two weeks before Mohammad was due to marry the love of his life, Sara Baluch (22).

Instead of wearing her wedding dress to a joyful celebration, Sara changed her white veil for a black one and wore her wedding dress to her love’s grave.

Sara was the first to arrive at the hospital after hearing of the shooting. But she was told Mohammad was not in the system.

Then she found out why.

Shocked out of her mind, Sara fainted.

She told the Chattanooga's Times Free Press last month: "When I woke up, I was like, 'No. This is a dream. We were getting married in two weeks. I just saw him last night. I just saw him'."

Sara fought back the tears and said: “We were supposed to be together.”

“I'm so sorry, Mohammad. I'm so sorry. So sorry.

“'I want to be with him. Why do I have to wait?"

Twenty-year-old White has been charged with criminal homicide.