Does your phone get turned on more than your partner in bed? Research says that there is a new vibration in your bedroom that is taking four-play to another level. 

Looking at your partner with those steamy bedroom eyes whilst enjoying your erotic pillow talks is a thing of the past. According to recent study done in America, 3 out of 5 couples sleep with their phone in their hands. So between the sheets, the loud arousing moans and orgasms have been replaced by a phones light and series of vibrations that are stimulating the hand instead of something else. 

Hootsuite has released these staggering global figures: There are over 4 billion people in the world who use the internet. Of those, 3.1 billion are active on social media. Instead of tapping that ass, it is estimated that on average we are tapping 2617 times on our phones. The research further states that we spend on average 135 minutes daily on social media. To put things into perspective: With our hectic work schedules and its draining travels in between, to coming home to attend to domestic matters whilst squeezing in a quickie with social media. Partners are sadly left hard and dry. 

With the number of social media accounts growing rapidly on a daily basis, couples are going to have to find other creative ways of keeping sexually stimulated. Sex toy shops will be smiling from ear to ear because couples will eventually resolve to toys because the real thing is being replaced by a phone. Bill Gates was very prophetic when he said that: "Robots will play an important role in providing physical assistance and companionship in the future". In other words, since our sex-life will be replaced by social media in the not so distant future, the robots will be the next best thing.