Hey MizzB 

I’m 24 and involved with a 20-year-old I have a child with. 

When I was employed, things were great as I could afford the lifestyle she wanted. 

I lost my job and she started cheating on me with men who had more money. 

She recently got a job and I suspect she’s dating someone at her work.

Please help! 


Hey Guy You’ll lose yourself if you try to hold on to someone who’s not invested in you as a person.

A healthy, romantic relationship contains unconditional love and is accepting of your high and low times and who you are, not what you have. 

Your child is learning what it means to be in a relationship by the way that you and your partner live your lives. 

Deciding where you want to be is not a sign of weakness, but of understanding you can have better in life when you start demanding it from yourself first.