If like me you are one of those who plans their week well in advance, then on Friday you would've noticed that it is 14 February. Now depending on what side of the fence you sit, your personal calendar will either say that this is the second Friday of February or it is Valentine Day.

Valentines Day is filled with red and white colours and love is the overall theme.

Retailers also play their part in the festivities by ensuring that our wallets are emptied by our partners! Now if - like me - you do not subscribe to this day and all its gimmicks, here are some valid excuses of ducking Valentines Day:

1. Sports, Sports, Sports 


Now depending on the size and shape of the ball, this weekend's television has something that can save you from Valentines Day expenditure. All you have to do is invite your partner to a date on the couch, with the remote as your waiter serving you the best sporting action all weekend long. Now instead of getting expensive flowers, gifts and taking him/her out to an expensive restaurant, all you need is a couple of cold ones and some snacks. If you feel like turning on the heat and adding something spicy to the festivities, you can fire up some meat on the braai. Now that's a date filled with tender love and plenty of balls to play with.  

2. The sudden illness 


Nothing buys sympathy faster than an illness or an injury that you've suddenly suffered out of the blue. The injury is coupled with a sad and well-orchestrated story that sticks like bubblegum under a public transport seat. The injury should be incurred a day or two before the big day so that your story sticks and you get to receive your GET OUT OF VALENTINE'S DAY PASS. Who knows, if your story sticks you could be the one on the receiving end this Valentines Day.  

3.  Vanish into thin air 


Your phone is off, your car is off the radar and your friends have not seen you since Valentines Day morning. You have officially ghosted your existence and vanished into thin air. This stunt can be risky because depending on how calm or wild your partner is, a witch hunt can incur . . . what started as a game of dodge ball will now end up with you apologizing for freaking the hell out of your partner. But if you are like me and love living life on the edge, then you should be able to pull off the disappearing act of the year. Once you do resurface from your hiding, be ready to pull out an Oscar winning act of how you were stuck in the middle of nowhere or how you suddenly had to go away for work or an urgent family commitment. If you can sell ice to an eskimo then you should be able to pull this stunt off. 

4. Work,Work,Work 


Money makes the world go round and without it, our world comes to a standstill. In addition to that, the global and local economy is not doing well and no one feels safe in their current jobs because of imminent retrenchments. Your partner can never dispute the fact (which in this case it is not) that you're working a full shift this Valentine's Day. This one can go to the inconsiderate boss, supervisor and team-leader who wants you work this Friday because you are good at your job. Valentine's this year will have to take a rain-check because as they say in Zulu iJob iJob Sbali.