Sometimes partners get to the point where they just don't see each other sexually.

Today quoted Dr. Rachel Needle, a licensed psychologist, certified sex therapist, and founder of Florida’s Whole Health Psychological Center, saying she hears from couples who aren't touching intimately anymore.

They don’t hold hands or even kiss for longer than a few seconds.

In suck relationships, sex is happening infrequently — or not at all.  You find out that sex has become routine and only one partner seems to be initiating sex — and that partner is often rejected.

Typically, desire and passion are at their highest at the beginning of a relationship.

"When people get comfortable in their relationships and all of life’s other factors come into play, desire sometimes fizzles off if not worked at,” Needle says.

 Try these seven tips to reignite the spark:

Look for a sex coach.

Though many people know intellectually they need to make changes with their partner, they often need to talk with an expert to figure out how to do it, said Levine. “Having a coach is a great way to not only get expert guidance and support, but to have someone hold you accountable for the transformation to take place,” she said. Keep in mind, says Levine, professional sex coaches like herself are merely there to talk, like any therapist.

Make a list of sexual possibilities.

 Look through a sex book together and be inspired by its suggestions. “Make a list of at least ten possibilities,” said Levine. “Don’t think about whether you want to try them or not. Just list them.” Next, rate each topic on a scale of 1-5 for how willing you are to try it. Share your answers with one another. See if you can come up with something new to try together.

Get in touch with your own sexuality.

Read an erotic novel or watch a sexy movie to get yoursef in the mood. Think about times you were most sexually excited. “You may even want to write out a script of fantasy to share with your partner,” said Needle.

Keep the mystery alive.

No matter how long you’ve been together, make an effort to be seductive and keep your erotic connection fresh. “Put some surprise into the relationship. Break the predictable pattern every so often,” said Needle. “This can help keep desire alive.”

Kiss more often.

At the beginning of a relationship, couples often enjoy deep kissing, but over time they tend to stop. “Continuing to hug, kiss, cuddle is an important component of a healthy relationship,” she said