SOME KASI people shake their heads while others say it’s a good idea.

But renting out vibrators is good business for Miranda Nhlapo. It makes her customers happy and it puts bread on the table.


The 35-year-old woman from Duduza, Ekurhuleni, said she had been running her unique business since last year.

She hires out vibrators to her friends and other customers for R50 an hour – which includes a free condom – and they get all the satisfaction they need.

“The vibrator never says no and it’s always up to the task. My customers can’t get enough,” she said.

On a good day she makes up to R500 and on a bad day she makes R150.

The more hours they needed, the more the money, she said.

She said some customers took out the happy stick for more hours at a time and got a discount.

The equipment is sterilised when it comes back from a customer.

“Only those who know my business come to me. I get business by word of mouth,” she said.

“This business puts bread on the table and I’m able to pay my bills and support my children.

“I have five vibrators and they are always out. My customers always want more.

“They tell me it’s better than going out with different men and they don’t run the risk of catching diseases.”

Miranda said she started using one herself years ago.

“My friends discovered this and wanted to borrow it, so I bought more and started the business. My customers are very happy.”

She said she was thinking of getting artificial penises but was saving for those.

“These things are expensive. That’s why people prefer to rent them,” she said.

“Some people see sex as dirty and won’t take it that I help women.”

Happy customer Lerato Ngwenya (33) said she preferred a vibrator. “I put a condom on it before using it,” she said.

“Men prefer young women and us who’re older are ignored, so getting a vibrator is the best,” said another customer Lillian Letswalo (48).

The SunTeam visited adult shops and found out that vibrators cost between R500 and R1 500. An artificial 4-5 costs R1 000 and above, depending on the size.

The owner of the shop said more women visited the sex shop to buy vibrators.

“In a month, more than 30 women, married and single, visit our shop,” said the shop owner.

“The use of vibrators is on the increase. Married women who’re not getting satisfaction from their men come here as well.”

The shop owner said at first white ladies dominated the market.

“But now we see more black ladies. I’m happy that woman’s business is growing. One day she will own a sex shop.”