A KENYAN family has turned its back on custom and tradition and come up with their own arrangement that makes them all happy.

Their recipe for domestic bliss? One wife and two husbands, all raising their 10 kids.

According to Daily Monitor, Rael Mukeku (35) from Makueni in the south of the country got married to her first husband, Muema Nguu (50) when she was only 10.

She immediately dropped out of school, began working as a domestic worker and started having kids soon after.

Seven kids later, Rael and Muema’s relationship hit a crisis when Meuma became sickly and unable to poke his wife. They agreed she should get herself an additional man.

Enter hubby number two, Mutuku Muia (45).

There were a number of things to figure out to make the unusual arrangement work. For one thing, Mutuku wasn’t happy looking after the kids unless he also had some – so Rael had three more.

They also juggled the living arrangements, with Mutuku permanently sleeping at home but Muema only staying over a few times a month.

The men have a close understanding, both having been orphaned at infancy, denied an education, and now working as casual labourers.

The three have learnt that there are lots of benefits to pooling your resources and energies, especially when poverty makes survival so hard.

Said Mutuk: “His children call me ‘Dad’. When he is unable to clear school fees, I get him sorted out. He reciprocates when I am in a financial mess and he is better off.”

Rael gives another example of how they work together to overcome adversity. She recently became sick, partly bought on by years of binge drinking and tobacco, she says.

“One sold all his three goats and a kid to clear the hospital bill, while the other provided the money we needed for the day to day upkeep,” she says.

Even with neighbours and relatives judging them for their unusual family, Rael’s happy with her choices.

“My only mistake is that I settled on men who are not rich, but this does not worry me much because they are caring and loving,” said Rael.