Hey MizzB

I am a 17-year-old girl in grade 11 with an unusual problem.

I basically live in boarding school as my parents are always away on business. I only get to see them during school holidays when they’re in the country.

The last time I was home, I was alone in the house with my dad. We really had a good time.

I felt sexually attracted to him. I went into his bedroom that night and seduced him and we ended up having sex. I have a boyfriend but I’m more sexually attracted to my dad.

He has told me I’m sweeter than my mum in the bedroom.

Please help me.

Hey Princess

It sounds like you and your mum’s husband have developed a toxic relationship.

As an adult, he should have known better than to allow this to become what it is.

When your mum discovers this it will hurt the relationship you share with her. Your mum’s husband is taking sexual advantage of you.

This can have long-lasting effects on you and the romantic relationships you hope to have into in future.

Therapy can help you understand and channel these feelings into healthy ones so you can have a normal life.