PEOPLE use korobela to make their partners love them forever.

But the problem begins when they no longer love that person and want to leave the relationship.

However, a person who’s been fed korobela cannot handle being dumped.

Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye from Soweto said using korobela has advantages and disadvantages.

“If a man is in a polygamous marriage and his wives keep fighting, he can give them muthi or korobela so they love him and one another.

“But giving someone korobela because you feel you don’t want to lose them might be dangerous.

“Once a person is given korobela, they become obsessed with you. They go everywhere with you. They never want to leave your sight. If you get easily irritated, you will then get bored and want to dump them.”

Mthimunye said your partner will fight to stay with you and things might get ugly.

“If a person loves you, they will love you regardless. They will respect you and treat you well. You don’t need to force it by using muthi,” he said.

Daily Sun asked SunReaders for their thoughts on korobela.

  • Mastorey Jane Dingake says: “The problem with people who feed their partners this nonsense is that they end up playing with them, disrespecting them.”
  • Tbos Darkhorse: “Marriages of korobela last for very long, compared to non-korobela marriages.”
  • Sostrich Mahlatji: “Shouldn’t that be regarded as abuse? Such people should be arrested.”