Couples spend hundreds of thousands on marriage ceremonies but one R1,50 SMS can end their union.

During this month celebrating women, some are crying silently about how their spouses or girlfriends treat them.

Once a man strays, it is a huge task to bring him back.

Many cases are reported at social workers’ offices by men whose women go to sleep in children’s bedrooms, especially after they’ve had a fight with their men.

Denying them their conjugal rights is like committing suicide in instalments.

Women have different ways to stop men from seeking sexual fulfilment outside their relationship but using sex starvation to punish your lover is just not on.

A hungry dog is not afraid of travelling a hundred miles to get food and will keep searching in different dustbins for leftovers.

Our churches should also carry some of the blame because these issues used to be discussed at youth meetings.

The whens, hows and wherefores should not be a problem.

When the time has arrived, it has arrived and there’s no turning back.

Sex pastor Agrippa Khathide also says women must experiment a lot.

Who said sex should be a seasonal act?

Women, the weather is no excuse as body temperature changes dramatically during sex.

) Samuel Radebe, Heilbron