In the beginning of a relationship, the honeymoon phase as we might all know, everything is wonderful and carefree.

However after some time you and your partner go through life and go through the motions such as taking care of the children, debt, work, and boredom that can ruin your sex life.

Sex in the later stages of your relationship is not the same as it is in the early days.


If you’re in a long-term relationship and are not fully satisfied with your sex life, it’s time to put some effort into your sex life and learn new things.

Here are some tips, tricks, experiments and “rules” that you can include into your sex life:

Find porn you both like

Talking about porn with your partner can be a turn on. Talk about what kind of porn you’re both into and watch it together.

Switch up the timing

If you’re used to having sex before bed or as soon as you wake up, try having a quickie during the course of the day, or if you usually have sex at night, try it in the morning. This will bring some level of new excitement.


Swap the PJs for something sexier once a month

Once in a while, dress for sex. Go to bed in a sexy new nightie or a new pair of underwear.

Know that your desires change overtime

Throughout our lives our desires change, sometimes your libido is low and sometimes it’s high. Just listen to your gut and communicate with your partner.

Up your sexting game

Instead of merely using your texting conversations to check up and update one another, make your texts a little kinkier every now and then and tease each other for what’s to come later in the day.

Take it out of the bedroom

Sex doesn’t have to be in some perfect bedroom situation. Don’t worry about wanting to having sex on the couch or the kitchen counter.


Talk about each other’s sexual fantasies

Instead of getting into bed and reading a book or scrolling through Facebook every night, allow your pre-bedtime routine to include discussing fantasies from time to time.

Talk about masturbating

Even if you’ve never discussed it with your long-term partner or even masturbated together, there’s a good chance you’re both masturbating on your own time, so why not talk about it? Talking about each other’s masturbation habits and preferences can be a huge turn on.