THEY’RE a source of great pleasure and even give birth to new life.

Those are two amazing facts about punanis that most people know.

Here’s some more, to delight and amaze you:

1. When you're turned on, your punani becomes twice as big

The inside of a vagina is usually about 3 or 4 cm deep.

During sex, it can expand until it is twice as deep.

This is because of something called “vaginal tenting”. The upper part of the vagina expands, which pulls the uterus upwards.

This happens to help sperm move up the cervix.

2. A small clitoris may make orgasm harder

A medical study found that women with smaller clitorises experienced difficulty reaching orgasm.

This is because they have smaller clitoral glands.

The smaller distance between clitoris and vagina also makes a difference.

3. A clitoris is like a penis, but twice as sensitive

Biologically, a clitoris has the same parts as a penis: the prepuce, the glans and the frenulum.

But where a penis has 4 000 nerve endings in it, the clitoris has 8 000.

Of course, the size is different too, with the average clitoris being about 1 cm long.

4. Not everybody is born with a hymen

Some women just don’t have that stretchy bit of tissue just inside the opening of a punani, regardless of whether they’ve had sex or not.

Nobody’s sure of exactly what the biological function of the hymen is, although in embryos it is thought to help keep bacteria or unwanted bits from coming into the forming vagina.

5. A punani cleans itself

Women who think they are taking care of their vaginas when they regularly soap inside them or rinse them with antiseptic fluids or douches are wrong, wrong, wrong.

Punanis are beautifully designed to take care of themselves. The lining is made of various glands that release fluids to cleanse and lubricate it. Using douches totally upsets the natural flora and pH balance inside the punani, unleashing the risk of all kinds of infections.