WHATSAPP scam alert!

Police have shared some useful tips to ensure that you never fall for the scam.                   Photo by SAPS
Police have shared some useful tips to ensure that you never fall for the scam. Photo by SAPS

IF you thought cars and buildings are the only things that get hijacked, think again!

A new scam of fraudsters hijacking people’s WhatsApp accounts is doing the rounds. As a result, the South African Police Service has released a statement to warn people about the scam.

Police say users will receive an SMS from a person, claiming that they sent them a six-digit code by mistake.

The fraudster will then ask you to share that code as a matter of urgency.

The said message will reportedly read: “Hello, I’m sorry I sent you a six-digit code by SMS by mistake.

“Can you transfer it to me, it’s urgent.”

According to Hi-Tech, the best way to protect yourself from being a victim of WhatsApp is to avoid responding to fishy texts and phone calls.

Cops have shared the following tips to ensure that you never fall for this scam:

  • If you received an SMS with a six-digit code, you should not share that code with anyone.
  • If you send that code to a scammer, they can log into your WhatsApp account.
  • Keep your WhatsApp account safe by enabling a two-step authentication.
  • Never share your number publicly on social media to avoid getting random texts.
  • Block and report that number on WhatsApp so that their account can be flagged or suspended.

With that said, Tech It Out will continue to write articles to make you aware of digital-survey scammers wreaking havoc on the social media streets.

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