Tips to make cash on TikTok


NEW social media platforms are continuously popping up and not all of them make it to the top.

For TikTok, this is a different story as it reportedly sees more than 1 billion monthly users.

This new kid on the block has also recorded about 1 billion downloads and gained much of its success when Covid-19 hit the world. TikTok has increasingly become popular in Mzansi because users create content which relates to their daily lives.

Apart from creating funny and entertaining videos, people make money on TikTok by creating enough influence to attract customers and followers.

According to Money Today, the process of making money on TikTok starts with gathering many followers and creating relatable content which at some point will allow your account to be verified and eligible for monetisation.

Here are some tips to follow to make bucks on the platform:

  • Grow and sell your account

You can get people to follow your account and sell it to budding influencers who are not patient enough to build a new profile from scratch.

  • Advertise your work

If you are a musician, normalise adding your songs to the videos you upload on Tiktok. If your music is released officially, the distributor will collect the royalties on your behalf and pay you.

  • Advertise your merchandise or products

Wear clothes that best represent your brand and make them available for purchase.

  • Partner with brands to create and post sponsored content

Big brands often have a budget for marketing purposes and are always looking for new ideas to sell their products. With that said, I think there are many other ways to make cash through the platform. We only mentioned the basics to get you started.

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