Nokia’s bid to maintain battery glory!

Photo Credit: Nokia
Photo Credit: Nokia

NOKIA products have in the past two decades blessed the world with phones that have extraordinary battery life.

In a bid to maintain the same standard, home of Nokia phones HMD Global unveiled a new Nokia T20 tablet that comes with long-lasting battery life.

Here are the most interesting features of the new T20 tablet:

• Security and software updates

The tablet comes with three years of monthly security updates and two of free operating system upgrades. This device also makes it safer for children to use as it comes with Google kids space, a trusted mode for them to explore apps that also come with parental controls.

• Design

The finishing edges of this new device are to die for. It was designed with the same philosophy as Nokia phones and has a refined 3D display.

Photo Credit: Nokia

• Long-lasting battery life

Nokia T20 is taking it to the next level with a powerful 8200mAh battery that can endure about 15 hours of web browsing. When not used to full capacity, the battery can last for up to four days without being charged.

• Screen

The tablet boasts a great viewing experience of a big crystal clear 2K screen. It provides a great display suited for gaming, online meetings and watching movies.

Pricing and specifications

The Nokia T20 tablet is now available at selected retailers from R3 999. It comes with 4GB Ram and 64GB of on-board memory (Wi-Fi and LTE) in ocean blue.

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