How to find cheaper petrol in Mzansi!

Motorists are up in arms about the price of petrol.
Motorists are up in arms about the price of petrol.

DO you know where you can find cheaper petrol?

If the answer is no, then don’t worry. Tech It Out has made a fascinating discovery on social media streets.

Fuel prices have been skyrocketing due to the weaker rand and the war in Ukraine.

As a result, Software House DVT programmer Ilan Meltz has developed the website to show where the best prices on diesel are.

According to Tech Central, petrol will be added on the site once the government implements its suggested plan of deregulating the price of 93 octane to help relieve the financial stress on consumers.

In a blog, Meltz said the website tracked prices of fuel at stations and allowed users to see which nearby stations were the cheapest, based on location.

“Each fuel station added to the website will be displayed as a marker on the map.

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“Each marker displays the logo of the fuel company and diesel price at that particular station without having to click on it. As a result, it’s possible to locate nearby options quickly,” Meltz said.

He said the site allowed users to see which brand of stations were closer to their proximity.

Users of the website earned fuel bounties for being major contributors as they were relied on to constantly update the prices.

Meltz said the fuel bounty could be used to enter competitions and put them on a leader board to show the most active contributors on the site.

“My website won’t reduce the overall fuel price. But it will still help soften the blow by letting people know where to get it at a lower price without needing to look around beforehand,” he added.

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