App lets cleaners earn full rate fee of services!


MZANSI’S unemployment rate reached its highest level of 35,3% at the end of last year.

As a result, Joshua Cox has developed an app which helps cleaners get booked online.

Developed in Cape Town, The Cleaning Fix is the first web app in Mzansi which allows cleaners to earn the full rate of their services when they are booked.

In a statement, Cox said he aims to help mothers freelancing in domestic work as the app provides a reasonable stipend without losing out on the commission.

“Our cleaners deserve a living wage where we’re not taking any commission. All our cleaners are mothers, and we understand how additional expenses such as childcare can be costly.

“When they receive 100% of their payment, we hope it can help cover these extras and free them up for more work opportunities,” Cox said.

The app is a division of Fix Forward Trust, which supports entrepreneurs, contractors, and domestic workers.

Using the web-based app is quite easy as it allows one to:

  • Enter their details
  • Select a cleaner
  • Book and pay
  • Receive a cleaner on the specified date
  • Review the service

“We had the technology to create a more detailed interface but wanted to simplify it so that people who know they want someone to come in for a half or full-day can easily navigate the options.

“We wanted to prioritise the cleaners’ full remuneration and then further develop the platform as we secure additional funds,” Cox added.

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