WATCH: Suzuki breaks records!

Photo: Motorpress.
Photo: Motorpress.

CAR brand Suzuki is steadily approaching the magical

5000-units-per-month sales figure, breaking every record along the way.

The Japanese compact car specialist sold 4 734 cars in July, setting a new all-time sales record and firmly cementing it in the third position, behind Toyota and Volkswagen.

It also reached a new market share record of 14,87% of the passenger car market.

At the same time, Suzuki’s network of 84 dealers set a record of 3 460 cars sales, giving it a hat trick of new sales records in the past three months.

“The demand for the brand has never been this high,” said Henno Havenga, manager of dealer sales at Suzuki Auto.

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“The demand for our cars is growing every day as word spreads about our cars’ durability and fuel efficiency. At the same time, we have tweaked our product offering, adding more value to existing models such as with the Ertiga and adding more affordable versions of popular models, such as the Jimny GL manual and auto models,” Havenga said.

The Suzuki Swift remains the star of the show with 1 521 sold in July. The recently upgraded Ertiga sold 257 units, the new Baleno 466 units, Vitara Brezza 636 units and Jimny 326 units – all performing above expectations.

According to Havenga, Suzuki Auto South Africa has nearly doubled its sales every year for the past three years.

Comparing January to June 2020, with sales still heavily affected by the national lockdown, Suzuki sold 6 605 cars.

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