WATCH: Beware of this new car theft TRICK!


THE Insurance Crime Bureau has warned against an increase in the theft of newer model Sports Utility Vehicles (SUV) that have keyless entry and ignition technology.

The bureau said this modus operandi sees criminal syndicates using “Relay Attacks” as a method to steal these vehicles.

In essence, the key fob of a vehicle is constantly transmitting signals looking for the linked car.

The signal allows the driver to gain keyless entry and operation of the car when the key is in close proximity to allow this functionality.

According to the bureau, by amplifying the signal, the perpetrators tap into the active emission of the key fob signal, allowing them to open and drive off with the car.

The criminals work in teams, an individual in possession of the amplifying device walks close to the unsuspecting owner when they exit and leave the car, while an accomplice at the car gains access and drives off with it.

The best protection against relay attacks is to immediately deactivate the key fob when exiting the car and while still next to it.

Another option is to place the key fob in a signal blocking wallet or casing.

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