WATCH: Alfa Tonale guns for TOP SHAYELA SUVs!


The Tonale’s power makes its debut on the road in Tempio Voltiano, the celebrated location of Alessandro Volta’s inventions in the beautiful setting of Lake Como.

A symbolic location to highlight the brand’s “metamorphosis”, it was here more than 200 years ago that the Italian scientist created his most famous invention: the battery, the first generator of dynamic electricity.

A scientific landmark in modern history, this instrument allows our technological civilization to function.  A precursor to the concept of sustainability, Alessandro Volta obsessively studied nature in order to replicate it for the benefit of humanity.

This innovative approach, which is fully embraced by Alfa Romeo, demonstrates how, with its “mechanical creations”, sustainable technological development must imitate nature and take inspiration from it in order to adapt and live in harmony with it.

Therefore, the Italian brand’s latest chapter couldn’t help but begin in Tempio Voltiano. With Tonale, Alfa Romeo has radically evolved and launched itself into a new, technological, sustainable and electrified era.

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