Watch out for BLUE LIGHTS bogus cops!


RANDBURG police have warned SunReaders about the increase in bogus cops.

Police in the Randburg policing precinct have noted with concern the number of hijackings in certain places.

Randburg South African Police Service spokesman Captain Makgowanyana Maja told Daily Sun the William Nicol on-ramp and off-ramp, including the stretch of N1 north and south between Malibongwe Drive and William Nicol Drive, are on the list of concerns. 

Maja explained that these suspects operate in a group of two to four and they use a white Ford Ranger and/or a white VW Polo. They also use a blue light.

“The other vehicles are blue/white/silver Toyota Corollas, grey Nissan Navara and Nissan Almera,” said Maja. 

“The victims are held against their will and dropped off in different areas around Gauteng. We urge our community to try and adhere to some of the safety tips,” he said. 

He’s warning motorists not to stop for anyone if they suspect that the person might be a bogus officer. 

“Make sure you drive to the nearest police station, shopping complex or any other busy area,” he said. 

He also advised that if one suspects that they’re being followed, they must not drive to their residential area. “Don’t stop at a deserted spot or area to talk on your phone or even relieve yourself,” he emphasised. 

Maja also advised motorists to always keep their windows closed.

“If someone tries to force you off the road, don’t panic but blow your horn constantly to draw attention,” he said. 

In addition to the above, he urged motorists to be aware of the theft of motor vehicles, and especially Volkswagen polo headlights.

“Make sure you park your vehicle in a visible area or where there are car guards,” he concluded. 

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