PICS: XC60 B5 is so cool!

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.

THE Volvo XC60 B5 sits comfortably between big family SUVs XC90 and XC40 in Volvo’s lineup.

SunWheels spent a week with the Swedish make and enjoyed its chilled, relaxed composure with a touch of luxury.

According to the brand, this car is a compact crossover but by its design and make, it has the potential to be a fully-fleshed family SUV ready to compete in the big SUV segment and beat a lot of them.

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.

For this second generation car, following its debut model in 2018, the XC60 comes packed in 2022 with some modern features including:

•Updated front and rear bumper designs

•Revised interior details

•An Android-based infotainment interface replaces Volvo’s previous in-house system

•Front-row USB ports switch from type-A to type-C

•All trims now have gesture-operated tailgate release

•Improved driver-assist system sensors

Volvo excels when it comes to interior designs and this time seats are covered with rich black and white materials that mirror more expensive siblings and gives the driver and his companions a warm hug of welcome inside.

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.

The cabin is so comfortable and roomy on both front and back rows with good headroom.

The dash does not look cheap with nicely polished black plastic with some nice finishes.

Music comes blasting from a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment display that is standard in all XC60’s that runs Volvo’s latest Google-based software interface.

This allows the driver several personalization options and voice controls via the Google Assistant. While it will take you sometime to get used to, it is fun once you are hooked and actually better than mant other SUVs we’ve tested before.

The boot space is quite generous and will fit a lot of mid-size suitcases.

One feature that scared me a lot was its automated emergency braking and lane-keeping assist, which is standard across the range. It will bring the car to a complete stop if it thinks you are about to bump onto something. My driveway is too low for its liking and it stopped the car every time I was reversing out of the main gate. It’s good when danger is sensed, but quite a nuisance when it stops the car for you when you’ve got everything under control.

Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.
Photo: Njabulo Ngcobo.

The car impressed us by performing well beyond expectations, thanks to it’s 2,0-litre turbocharged engine with power outputs of 183kW and 350Nm which results in a 6,9 petrol consumption for hundred kilometres travelled.

We enjoyed it and if you are in a market for a good, reliable SUV visit your nearest Volvo dealership for a test you might be impressed as we did.

Pricing starts from R750 000

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