PICS: Two car crashes in same spot


THE police, together with the medical response team, had their hands full when attending a car collision on the N1 Highway in Bloemfontein, Free State, on Saturday night, 7 May.

While attending an accident on the busy highway, another crash happened just in front of them.

According to Arrive Alive, a pedestrian was knocked down by a car in the first incident.

While attending to the scene, another car crashed into a police van.

Arrive Alive’s statement said: “A pedestrian believed to be a Lesotho national was killed on Saturday evening after being hit by a light motor vehicle on the N1.

“Paramedics arrived on the scene to find the body of the man in the roadway. He was declared dead on the scene.”

The driver in the first accident was unharmed.

A police van that was attending an accident scene on the N1 Highway in Bloemfontein, Free State, got damaged. Photo by

“The driver of the vehicle was also assessed by paramedics and found not to have sustained any injuries,Scene handed over to SAPS for further investigation.” read the statement.

It’s reported that just after an hour of the first accident, another one occurred on the same spot.

“About one hour after the pedestrian accident on the N1, calls were received about a secondary accident at the same location.

“On arrival, emergency personnel found that a vehicle had crashed into the stationary SAPS vehicle attending to the first scene.

“A SAPS member that was inside the vehicle, the driver of the second vehicle, as well as another pedestrian, also believed to be a Lesotho national, sustained moderate to serious injuries.

Emmergency services were quick to respond to the crash scene where several people were injured. Photo by

“They were treated by paramedics from various services before being transported to various hospitals for further treatment.

“Traffic was affected for several hours to allow for investigation and clean-up of the scene.”

Social media users said the second accident could have been avoided.

Mbali J Listo wrote on Facebook: “The accident scene was not barricaded properly. Accident scenes should be barricaded in such a way that there are no secondary accidents. There was no visibility of the SAPS vehicle and anything that said be cautious of the accident ahead and maybe the SAPS van had no lights on. My opinion.”

Tiyani Bungele wrote: “That’s why emergency lights are important when attending a scene.”

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