New Caddy hits the right spot

Both the Caddy Cargo and Caddy Kombi are good rides, with the inside (inset) technologically smart.                              Photos by Njabulo Ngcobo
Both the Caddy Cargo and Caddy Kombi are good rides, with the inside (inset) technologically smart. Photos by Njabulo Ngcobo

SUNWHEELS spent some time with the fifth-generation Caddy Kombi and Caddy Cargo.

And the Cargo 1.6i 81kW manual, the entry-level commercial vehicle in the Volkswagen family, is unmistakably the most beautiful goods-mover around.

Not only is it stylish with sharp front-end design, but it’s also impressive yet simple with its lighting design.

The panel side is more commercial and spacious. While not too big, it is practical as you can load either from the side or rear by flipping open both doors.

On the driver side, you have a comfortable enough cabin with a fully digital portfolio.

The van doesn’t only look good, but it drives well with the torque of 152Nm paired to a six-speed manual transmission. This makes it much better than its 2015 predecessor.

The Cargo has a new bigger body, and the chassis has been the most-loved VW passenger car for more than a decade.

We took fifth-generation Caddy Cargo and Kombi on test and they are both cool boxes on wheels. Photo by Njabulo Ngcobo

Driving and handling for both the Caddy Cargo and Kombi is epic – thanks to designers making it new from the ground up.

The people-mover version Caddy Kombi 2.0TDi 82kW manual looks like a Cargo, but it has windows and gives all seven passengers great comfort.

Its doors, that open by sliding backwards, give it a cool appeal for camping.

We managed to get a few people in the back while driving and they cited as comfortable a ride as experienced by those in the front.

The top spec has a colour-coded fancy bumper, 17-inch alloys, big windows, lighter rear doors and dynamic lines that run on the sides from rear to front.

It is quite a looker from the rear as well, thanks to its standing lights making it look like a baby version of the much-loved California Kombi.

The boot is spacious, with good legroom for all occupants. If you remove seats, the rear gives you over 4 000L of space, reminding you that this is a panel van after all. Inside, it has a big touch-screen with a few outside control buttons so you engage what you want and control everything else on the screen.

Driving it is bliss and if you change your gears fast enough, it gets quite nippy with good speed.


The Caddy Cargo 1.6i 81kW manual costs R404 000 and Caddy Kombi 2.0TDi 82kW manual R476 100.

This review was made possible by Volkswagen.

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