From taxi driver to big boss!

Ndumiso Mnduna has shown people that being a taxi driver should not be taken lightly.
Ndumiso Mnduna has shown people that being a taxi driver should not be taken lightly.

NDUMISO Mnduna has moved from being a taxi driver to owning a driving school.

He told Daily Sun he wanted to show people that being a taxi driver enables one to do amazing things.

From Alberton, in Ekurhuleni, Ndumiso said to celebrate Youth Moth, his company, Lastborn Driving School, will be running a 25% off special for those between the ages of 16 and 35.

He said his services include a leaners’ licence, driving licence, renewals or new applications, lessons, change of ownership as well as traffic registry and roadworthy.

He said while doing his licence in 2011, he realised he was paying a lot of money although he knew how to drive.

For this reason, he decided to open his own driving school.

“I told myself one day I’ll open my own driving school and people won’t pay such ridiculous amounts of money,” said Numiso.

“People are already going through a lot. I don’t want to add into their problems.”

Like any other business, Ndumiso’s has faced challenges along the way, but he didn’t allow them to determine his future.

“I didn’t have enough money to buy my cars and trucks but through God’s grace, all was made possible.”

This month, he will be running a special for the youth because he believes everyone needs a licence.

Ndumiso said he was planning to open branches across the province to create job opportunities for the unemployed youth.

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