Don’t fall for these fake fuel hacks!

Photo: Motorpress.
Photo: Motorpress.

MOTORISTS around the world have been hit hard by the high fuel prices.

This has led to many jumping on the bandwagon of internet trends to get more mileage out of their tanks.

In August, 93 and 95 octane petrol decreased by R1,32/L while diesel decreased by 88c/L. While a decrease is welcome, the fuel price remains high. And hacks to decrease consumption keep popping up. But the question is, are there consequences to these tricks?

MasterDrive CEO Eugene Herbert has advised motorists not to try any hack in the hopes that it will decrease consumption with no effect on the car.

“It cannot be stressed enough that the only thing intended to go into your fuel tank is fuel. Previously, it was revealed fuel pills were not only proven ineffective in international studies, but showed the negative effects on your engine in various ways, primarily by causing carbon build-up,” he said.

“Now, a gimmick is making the rounds showing the use of Coca-Cola instead of fuel. The company associated with this video has since distanced itself from it. However, if you were wondering if Coca-Cola is a safe substitute for fuel, the answer is no. You are likely to do damage to your vehicle that will cost much more than the potential savings,” Herbert said.

Other tricks to be cautious of include:

• Tomato sauce

This has no benefit and will do damage to your engine, fuel injectors and fuel filters.

• Plug-in devices

These are used by mechanics to test engines and read results, but recent adverts say they can set reset the computer-controlled fuel ration. But this is an output port, meaning it does not accept incoming signals, making it useless in reducing consumption.

• Dishwasher tablets and toothpaste

Old content circulating claims dishwasher tablets and toothpaste can reduce fuel consumption. Both are false with no proven research to support it and has since been revealed as click-bait.

• Buying fuel early in the morning

The theory is that the colder it is, the denser fuel is, giving you more for the same price. Fuel, however, is stored underground and temperatures only vary by a few degrees, which is not enough to change density.

• Not using air conditioning

This depends on various factors. Keeping the AC off and driving with windows closed can save fuel. But if the windows are open, you increase drag and affect aerodynamics, which actually increases fuel consumption.

Be cautious of the techniques employed to save fuel, especially if it involves putting foreign substances into fuel tanks.

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