Men, stop being cowards! - Norman V Mahlangu, Siyabuswa


A certain man once said: “Cowards will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

As he continued, I got ready for a speech that would fit the description of those that get reported as inciting violence. Contrary to the popular definition of a coward, he said cowards are not those who shun beating up other people. They My understanding of this phrase is that, cThis refers to people who are afraid to stand for the truth.

The truth about raping and killing not being okay is known by all men.

But, for the sake of short-cuts to lucrative amounts of money promised to them by their employers, some cowards find it hard to say NO to killing.

It is simple logic that whatever amount you are paid is temporary, but the guilty conscience and haunting images of the actual killing will remain with you forever.

Cowards would rather rape and kill a woman instead of working on the requirements needed for them to be suitable for that particular woman.

With all the reasons for raping and gruesome killings of women put on the table, none of them validate this heinous behaviour.

Brave men fight anything that threatens the safety of women and children.

Cowards succumb to being instruments of threat to the most vulnerable.

) Norman V Mahlangu Siyabuswa

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