It’s not a popularity contest, Cyril - Motlokoa Pakana, Heilbron


Julius Malema and Mmusi Maimane gave President Cyril Ramaphosa good advice.

They may be young, but he should listen to them.

Ramaphosa wants to run the country through popularity.

As a leader, he should be unpopular for making tough decisions in the best interests of his party and the country. He should do this even if it means he would give his foes more ammunition to dislodge him.

He should subject himself first to the collective at Luthuli House, not in Stellenbosch.

The biggest mistake he would make is to appoint anyone else except David Mabuza for deputy president. A gender parity should have been addressed at Nasrec, where the ANC Women’s League lost the battle. Appointing a female deputy president cannot be a corrective measure for that loss.

) Motlokoa Pakana, Heilbron

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