Illegally occuping land’s risky - MA Ledubuko, Bochum


The Economic Freedom Fighters is the chief organisation that (EFF) have encouraged people who are desperate for houses to occupy any land they want.

Since there are not enough open spaces in most kasis, others heeded the EFF’s advice and settled along the riverbanks.

What the organisation forgot to tell the squatters was that it’s dangerous to erect shacks on riverbanks. Unfortunately, there are people who make business by selling stands in dangerous places.

The most painful part is that when the heavy rainfall comes, the squatters will face the floods alone.

We recently witnessed in shock how the floods damaged the homes and belongings of squatters in Mamelodi, Tembisa and many other places.

When such a disaster hits, one would have expected to see the EFF actively involved in rescuing and aiding the floods victims.

However, the EFF leaders were nowhere to be seen. People were left to pick up the pieces on their own.

  • MA Ledubuko, Bochum
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