Embrace tech opportunities! - SJ Masela


It was necessary to have engineers. It was necessary to have tradesmen. It was necessary to have lawyers, accountants and all the cliche careers.

But today, there’s so much data. Technology has connected people more than ever, which is why it’s necessary to have data analysts as well as YouTubers, TikTokers and influencers.

Content creation is the new career path. Unfortunately, parents and elderly people do not understand it.

Parents do not want to understand it, but that’s a story for another day.

Remember, these are the very same people who were complaining about Mxit.

Today, they love WhatsApp. We need to embrace opportunities that technology brings as the years unfold.

Opportunities like Blockchain developers. Applications are now getting decentralised, whatever that means. In fact, it doesn’t matter what it means as it’s a skill that’s in demand.

So, follow the light. Switching careers is critical. Your degree is not useless.

You didn’t waste time studying at university.

It’s simply Darwinism. We are all trying to survive (literally), especially here in South Africa.

- Letter by SJ Masela

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