Bullies must be stopped! - SP Moffat, Mamelodi East


We often talk about bullying as if it is a problem for pupils only.

But in fact, it happens in many other different settings, including homes and workplaces. There are people who bully others because they have been bullied themselves.

They do it to get relief from feeling helpless and want to feel power over someone. Then there are social bullies who have poor a self-esteem and manipulate others by being mean.

Detached bullies plan their attacks wisely so much that people don’t realise how dangerous they are and only the victims feel their heat. Bullies don’t know kindness, compassion and respect.

They make innocent people’s lives difficult and they must be stopped in their tracks. Victims must stand up against bullying and whenever we see signs of it, even if we aren’t victims, we need to act against it.

  • SP Moffat

Mamelodi East

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