Sinky Mnisi takes 'SPECIAL LEAVE' to heal from 'suspension allegation'

Sinky Mnisi,Royal AM CEO, has indicated that he has take leave to heal from the hurt of allegations.
Sinky Mnisi,Royal AM CEO, has indicated that he has take leave to heal from the hurt of allegations.

Sinky Mnisi has revealed that he has taken "special leave" to heal from all the scars inflicted by the "media allegations" that he has been suspended by the club as chief executive.

"I am not well. I have been trialed and found guilty by the media," said Mnisi.

Following allegations that he was suspended by Royal AM, Mnisi on Wednesday convened a no-hold-barred media conference where he clarified his position. 

"I'm still Royal AM CEO," said Mnisi at the Premier Holtel OR Tambo on Wednesday, "and president (Shauwn "MaMkhize" Mkhize) knows about it."

"If I were to be suspended by the club, then I will have to be taken through processes. I am not a daggaboy (layman). I kept quiet for a long time, and the president of Royal AM didn't put a stop to it, leaving me hanged by the media.

"All allegations are factually not correct. I've taken a legal advise not to respond to allegations that I was allegedly suspended by the club.

"When I joined Royal AM, I was headhunted, I didn't apply for the job... What I know is that the CEO is normally judged on the success of a company. Then they'd tell you the CEO is doing a good job..." - Sinky Mnisi addressing the media in Kempton Park.

"They say I've sold Victor Letsoalo to Sekhukhune United. 'I, Sinky Mnisi, would never at any given time, put my foot at Sekhukhune's door, I'd never work with that club, personally, they don't have morals. I haven't been part of the Letsoalo sale. And the R20m tag, there's nothing like, it was just put up by the media.

"They say I wanted to sink Royal AM. How can I do that when I've worked very hard for the club? They say I've sold players just to kill the club, and there's nothing like that."

Mnisi said he has been accused on numerous things he didn't know, like the release of players. And he stands firm that he didn't take decisions without knowledge of the club, indicating most of them were taken through the president.

"I didn't hire Khabo Zondo without the knowledge of the owners of the club. The president of Royal AM knew and even interacted with Khabo. And, yes, I know Khabo, but this notion that we're friends isn't true."

"The hiring of Zondo, he was interviewed by all, and the person who made the call to hire him was done by the president (MaMkhize). I can reveal that another coach who was interviewed was Cavin Johnson.

"I forwarded John Maduka's request for mutual termination of his contract to president (MaMkhize) while overseas. And, the president accepted the termination, and Maduka wanted to serve notice but president said he shouldn't serve notice.I  refute claims that I fired Maduka, it's untrue."

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