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Thursday, 23 June - 16:54

South African Football Association (Safa) presidential candidate Ria Ledwaba continues to call upon women to back each other and help bring much-needed change to the beautiful game.

Ledwaba, who is hoping to unseat president Danny Jordaan at the Safa elective congress on Saturday at the Sandton Convention Centre, was addressing young women in sport in Midrand on Wednesday.

The Young Women in Sport dialogue, which was in support of Ledwaba’s bid to become the first woman president of Safa, addressed some of the issues that women face In the male-dominated sport of football.

Ledwaba is known to have women’s football interest at heart and she outlined some of the improvements she would make should she get the better of Jordaan and Solly Mohlabeng at the upcoming elective congress.

“Young women in sport need to realize that they have role models, and they must look up to those people and also hold them accountable,” Ledwaba told SunSport.

“As leaders we need to understand that we are up here not for ourselves, we need to show the value of being up here so that those who look up to us know what needs to be done when they get up here.

“I did not pick myself to be a presidential candidate, I was chosen by people who saw potential in me. I accepted this because I believed that it was time for a change.

“But we still face the same struggle where men want to stand in our way. But even more disappointing, some women are also doing the same. We must never find ourselves as women fighting amongst each other. We must always support each other.

“If we want to achieve as women, then we need to support each other. We know that 90% of the voters at the elective congress are men. Are they ready to be led by a woman or not? Regardless of whether that woman is capable or not doesn’t matter if they are not ready to give a woman a chance to lead.”


SAFA president Danny Jordaan is unperturbed by all the criticism levelled against him by ex-players and administrators who are calling for change.

He says he was voted into office by the regions to run for his third term and is not self-imposing.

Jordaan indicated that the spirit at the weekend’s extraordinary congress was good, “and the regions are strongly focused, they want to go to the elections to exercise their democratic right. We are very happy”.

“Those people (who criticise me) are not voters... it is the regions who vote,” Jordaan told SunSport yesterday.

“It is a group of disgruntled people, and what can you do as a campaigner? You must ask those who have the right to vote, not those who have no say in the elections.”

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