Woman moered by bae in front of cops!


A POLICE station is supposed to be a safe haven for victims.

But a woman found herself being beaten up right in front of the police.

A video of a man who assaulted his girlfriend at a police station has gone viral, leaving Mzansi shocked and angry.

In the video, it appears the lady is trying to open a case but the man keeps interrupting the process, telling the police he wants to show them texts.

But after police officers ignore the man, he ends up beating the girl up inside the police station.

Other ladies, who were also at the police station, end up intervening and collectively beating the man up until he eventually runs away.

“The fact that this person had the guts to do this from inside the police station shows how much GBV is far from being over in South Africa,” said Winnie Mabena.

Phumzile Mbatha said she’s not shocked that this man did this right in front of the police.

“It shows that men don’t fear the SAPS at all and this is really scary. At this point, I don’t know what anyone else can do to deal with GBV in our country,” said Phumzile.

Amogelang Mokone said she used to be in an abusive relationship but she never opened a case because her boyfriend would tell her that he doesn’t fear going to jail.

“I never went to the police station because of that reason. Luckily, my brothers intervened and he stopped bothering me,” said Amogelang.

National police spokeswoman, Colonel Athlenda Mathe said the police management has instituted an internal departmental investigation to establish at which police station the incident took place.

She said once that is determined, management will be able to respond regarding action to be taken against the perpetrator.

“GBV is a national priority for the SAPS and as such, we view this incident as not only an attack on the authority of the state but as undermining the rule of law,” said Mathe.

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